The Oxford History of the Novel in English : Volume 12: The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Since 1950

The Oxford History of the Novel in English : Volume 12: The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Since 1950


Coral Ann Howells, Paul Sharrad, Gerry Turcotte
Hardback | 654 pages
181 x 253 x 43mm | 1,310g
Publication date
06 Jun 2017
Oxford University Press
Publication City/Country
Oxford, United Kingdom
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The Oxford History of the Novel in English is a 12-volume series presenting a comprehensive, global, and up-to-date history of English-language prose fiction and written by a large, international team of scholars. The series is concerned with novels as a whole, not just the 'literary' novel, and each volume includes chapters on the processes of production, distribution and reception, and on popular fiction and the fictional sub-genres, as well as outlining the work
of major novelists, movements and tendencies.

This volume offers a comprehensive account of the production of English language novels and related prose fiction since 1950 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. After the Second World War, the rise of cultural nationalism in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and movements towards independence in the Pacific islands, together with the turn toward multiculturalism and transnationalism in the postcolonial world, has called into question the standard national frames for
literary history. This has resulted in an increasing recognition of formerly marginalised peoples and a repositioning of these national literatures in a world literary context. This multi-authored volume explores the implications of such radical change through its focus on the novel and the short story,
which model the crises in evolving narratives of nationhood and the reinvention of postcolonial identities. The constant interplay between national and regional specificity and transnational linkages is mirrored in the structure of this volume, where parallel sections on national literatures are situated within a broadly inclusive comparative framework. Shifting socio-political and cultural contexts and their effects on novels and novelists, together with shifts in literary genres (realism,
modernism, the Gothic, postmodernism) are traced across these different regions. Attention is given not only to major authors but also to Indigenous and multicultural fiction , children's and young adult novels, and popular fiction. A significant feature of this volume is its extensive treatment of
the novel in the South Pacific. Chapters on book publishing, critical reception, and literary histories for all four areas are included in this innovative presentation of a TransPacific postcolonial history of the novel.

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