Pater Bernhardus

Pater Bernhardus


Franz Posset, Michael Casey, Bernhard Lohse
Paperback | 434 pages
150 x 226 x 23mm | 612g
Publication date
09 Aug 2018
Wipf & Stock Publishers
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Collected Works Vol. 1: The Two-Fold Knowledge: Readings on the Knowledge of Self and the Knowledge of God Vol. 2: Pater Bernhardus: Martin Luther and Bernard of Clairvaux Vol. 3: Luther's Catholic Christology According to His Johannine Lectures of 1527 ""Franz Posset illustrates Martin Luther's deep regard for Bernhard of Clairvaux as a major source for knowing the God of Scripture who comes to be made flesh in us through Jesus Christ. This book contains an ecumenical treasure trove of Bernhard's sermon points that empowered Luther to proclaim both the birth and cross of Jesus as the source for daily renewal of our lives in Christ."" --Rev David R. Froemming, pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, author. Franz Posset is a German-American independent church historian and lay theologian in the Catholic Church. He is an internationally recognized ecumenist, specializing in the history and theology of the Renaissance and early Lutheran Reformation. Franz was born in 1945 in Glockelberg in the Bohemian Forest (Sudetenland), and between 1965 and 1970 he was a student of Hans Kung, Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI emeritus), and Walter Kasper (Cardinal). He earned a diploma in Catholic theology at University of Tubingen, and received a PhD in Religious Studies, with his dissertation directed by the late Kenneth Hagen, at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. He was the associate editor of Luther Digest (1993-2012) and is a member of the International Luther Society. Franz is the author of numerous articles and books in English and German including award-winning articles and books: - The first annual Natalie Zemon Davis Prize (Canada) in 2006 for his ""Polyglot Humanism in Germany circa 1520 as Luther's Milieu and Matrix."" - Davidias Prize of the Association of Croatian Writers in 2014 for the book, Marcus Marulus and the Biblia Latina of 1489. - Franz-Delitzsch-Forderpreis (Germany) in 2015 for his ""In Search of an Explanation for the Suffering of the Jews: Johann Reuchlin's Open Letter of 1505."" - The Koenig Prize in Biography of the American Catholic Historical Association in 2016 for the book, Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522): A Theological Biography.

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